Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Poll up for May Gaming!

Let's do this.

Battle Disaster Gallactica

Well we finally managed to squeeze in our monthly game for March only April. BSG was the game that was the winner at our last poll but we had a very shocking and dismal game indeed. We had a full house (6 Players) and literally had 2 turns each before the game ended. How you may ask? Well it just so happened that we managed to have an additional Base star jump next to the Gallactica and for some reason we had 3 crisis cards in a row with Ambush on them. Plainly put we had all 16 Raider miniatures on the table along with 2 Heavy Raiders and we also spawned almost the entire civilian fleet . During each of these Crisis cards events, we had the Raiders activating which in turn made short work of the civilian fleet and our few Vipers that we had out. After revealing what we had lost from the civilian fleet casualties, it amounted to a total of 11 Population lost and with our previous failure on a normal Crisis skill check which amounted to a further population loss, we lost the game! Total of 12 Population lost in 2 turns!Because the game lasted literally 1 hour we then decided to play another game. This time something quick and easy and co-operative. Elder Signs took the spot. Once again we had 6 players and faced Yog Mototh! We had quick successions of accomplished investigations, and managed to find the necessary 14 Elder Signs to seal away the portal and managed to stop his arrival and won the game!So two different games in one night! A first I suppose.The next poll will now indicate that both of these games will not be available as choices.Until next time!Griffonstone.